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Envisioning the Future

I was motivated to write a paper about envisioning the future after I read my friend’s (Dr. Abe Fenster’s) new book entitled “Seize the Moment.”[1] Abe actually wrote two books. Book I concerns his own “Besher’t Experiences and Book II concerns his scientific analysis of “Besher’t Experiences.” Abe states that the most important question that made him write his book is: “How can you have a predetermined existence and make free will decisions at the same time?”

This also raises the question whether or not it is possible to envision the future of specific markets and technologies. In my book entitled “The Market Value System,”[2] I mention in Chapter 12 (Innovation) that Einstein’s theory of relativity teaches that astride a light wave, past, present and future blend together. In other words, if we could ride on a light wave, we would exceed the boundary of time. I also discuss how to use experiential modeling science to create new knowledge blocks that can be used to solve complex puzzles very accurately. Once we have envisioned the future, we can set out to make the future happen according to our own vision. And as we move into the future, we can certainly use any knowledge that we have gained to improve our vision.

How does any of this relate to Abe’s important question about “Free Will” and how does this relate to our purpose in life and the existence of God? I know that both Abe and I believe that God exists by both faith and science. Therefore, I don’t have to present my views of the proofs that God exists, but I should discuss my view of who God is and the creation of all physical and spiritual things and beings to prove that the future is not only real but also the future doesn’t negate the fact that human beings have free will.

Who is God?

God is the “Supreme Being” and “Creator.” God is “Infinite,” which means unbounded by any and all dimensions. including: Physical, Spiritual, Time, Space and Space-Time, along with other dimensions that are real or imagined. God has neither beginning nor end. Simply stated, “God is who is!”

God is “Omniscient.” This means that God is “All Knowing.” If “Unifying Equations” exist, then God knows these equations. Note that I have said “Unifying Equations” and not “Unifying Theory” because God knows. Also note that “The Market Value System” teaches that if data exists so do equations that correlate the data.

We also know that many peoples all over this world believe that human beings have been created in God’s likeness. Catholics and some other Christian faiths believe by faith alone that Jesus is part of the “Triune God,” consisting of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The concepts of “Triune God” or “God” have not nor can be explained by human beings; however, if data exists that indicates the existence of God so do the proofs. It is just that human beings are not able to develop the equations that establish the existence of God with 100% certainty.

Each of us can assign traits to God by definition but none of us can actually prove that any and all of these traits are real because they seem to defy some human experiences and rational argumentation. However, we do know that the view of everything depends on the perspective of the viewer.

What is God’s Perspective?

From God’s perspective, “God is who is!” and so are all of God’s creations. I believe that this is true because God is unbounded by Physical, Spiritual, Time, Space and Space-Time dimensions. “Creation” is only important for those that are bounded by dimensions. This is a very important point that I am making. The concept of “Creation” is necessary for human beings because we are bounded by all dimensions; however, since God is unbounded, everything that is seen and unseen in all universes “Is.”

This causes me to believe that human beings and all inanimate and animate things “Are.” This belief is supported by the fact that all human beings have unique DNA. I suggest that the concept of “Creation” became apparent to human beings at the moment they became bounded by dimensions. I also suggest that death occurs when we are no longer bounded by dimensions and return to God’s infinite existence. The fact that so many people have reported that they have seen a bright light during a near death experience tells me that death is achieved when we again move to be astride one of God’s light waves.

What is the Purpose of Life?

Since every human being is unique, every human being is his/her own purpose. Abe Fenster (past, present and future) is Abe’s purpose. Abe Fenster “Is.” And I can say the same thing about me. William Roy Kesting “Is.”

What about “Free Will?”

From the perspective of God, who is unbounded by all dimensions, we (past, present and future) have always existed. “We are!” However, when human beings are bounded by dimensions, such as the dimension of time, we experience everything that is time dependent. This is when we experience “Free Will.” Human beings have the likeness of God. Human beings are “Free.” Because we are bounded by time until death, we experience “Free Will” during life. When we again become unbounded by dimensions after death, we will be able to know ourselves in our entirety, just as God knows us. This is much different than predestination.

What about “Besher’t Experiences?”

When Abe Fenster saw his beautiful first wife, Sandy, after her death, she was in a bright light and Abe actually saw her and talked with her. I believe that Abe saw Sandy just as she was again moving to be astride a light wave and thus independent of all dimensions. However, Abe was and still is bounded by dimensions. Hence, Abe is wondering about his purpose in life. I say that Abe Fenster (past, present and future) is his purpose.

If we believe that there is a future and also believe in the goodness of mankind, it seems reasonable to expect that everyone has the ability to envision the future in great detail to benefit mankind. Each of us has the power to move somewhat into the past and the future because we are one with God and when we are no longer bound by dimensions we will be able to see our complete self (body and soul) as God sees us.

Since I know that new knowledge blocks can always be created and we can use them to position ourselves mentally years ahead into the future, it seems reasonable to expect that people can and do have all types of “Besher’t Experiences.”


[1] Dr. Abraham N Fenster, “Seize the Moment,” AuthorHouse March 30, 2009, ISBN 978-1-4389-4516-3

[2] William Roy Kesting, “The Market Value System,”, ISBN 978-1-60643-888-6

  • I have discussed your book with many relatives and friends over the last month. I have told them that I have a new level of comfort in knowing that my departed wife is finding ways to communicate with me. I found myself trying to explain my belief in God and in other dimensions (Heaven) , and using your book to explain some of the concepts. I also found that I had to bring the level of conversation to a non science level as much as possible.“The strange world that God has created is only partly being understood by humans. Quantum physics is only a scientific tool to help explain it in terms that a non religious person can understand.  Wallace Joslyn        Einstein showed that time-distance-speed were all interrelated and relative to the person observing them, theory of relativity. He also showed that E=MC2 (energy equals mass times the speed of light squared), which says that energy and mass (things) are related in predictable ways. What those ways are is only one of the questions that quantum physics is trying to answer.    The way I have explained it is that under times of extreme energy (emotions are thought to be electronically charged particles) the waves grow to the point where they bounce into the waves from the next dimension, and we catch a sensation of that world (dimension). I will leave it to others to explain if this happens during sleep (alpha waves), or emotional stress, or may be a desire of someone on the other side to made contact. (ghosts or simply pennies)
  • Quantum physics is also saying that there are at least 11 other dimensions (pieces of vibrating noodles), and perhaps under certain conditions we can sense the dimensions close to us.
  • One theory that tries to explain some of this is called String Theory, which is that energy of all types are seen like a piece of noodle with the thickness of an electron cloud (not much). A dimension could be looked at as made up of many strings of parts of energy (noodles laid side by side to form a flexible sheet). You can call this our dimension if you wanted to. It is us, and the world as we see it. Strange. This sheet of noodles is also vibrating like the notes of music seen on the screen of your computer when playing a song in Microsoft Media Player and watching the visual waves of notes. The louder the music the higher the waves move away from the lower levels.
  • Quantum physics has also shown us that these electrons that make up some of our body are very difficult to find and measure, even though we can calculate where they should be. So we exist in this time and place, however, we can’t prove that our electrons from our atoms are here with us! Strange.
  • Your body is made up of atoms that have all that open space (ready to be filled by something) between the mass (nuleus) and the electron. That may explain why many of us are full of hot air, but does not explain why we feel and see a solid object called our body that is for the most part energy. Strange.
  • We are taught in high school science that all matter is made up of atoms, and all atoms are made of a nucleus (where the mass is) and electrons. If you take a tennis ball and imagine that it is the nucleus of the atom and place it on a table, how far away is the first shell of electrons? Estimations are that you will have to walk two (2) miles to find them.
  • The world of the very big( our universe) and the very small (atoms and particles) are linked in ways that we cannot yet understand, but can now theorize the interrelationships to explain concepts as strange as the end and beginning of life in a black hole, or other dimensions beyond what we can see, feel, smell, or sense. At the time and place of the center of a black hole it is thought that things reach Plank’s dimension, which is the smallest dimension possible. At this dimension time stands still, and all energies like magnetism/gravity/heat/light/electricity are the same force with no differences, but all are ready to become something new.
  • If I explained scientifically how it might be possible to sense other dimensions would you believe me?
  • If I told you that current theories predict more than 11 other dimensions exist around us at all times would you believe me?
  • If I told you that you were mostly empty space and energy, would you believe me?
  • Can we understand our existence on this earth, and contact with the souls that existed before and after death (ghosts)?
  • We live in a strange world that is more than we can hear, feel, taste, sense, or comprehend with our limited current knowledge.
  • Best regards,
  • Also- the terms I use to explain it to non science relatives and friends are very rudimentary, and not totally based on solid understanding of the science behind it all. So for those that are quantum physics professionals, please forgive me.”
  • Thought you might be interested in the basic route that the conversations have taken. Rough conversation as follows:

When you do the right thing for the right reasons and Seize the Moment, – Besher’t events happen!