I have written this manuscript to contribute my thoughts about a word that has interested and excited me for many years, Beshert.  Initially I interpreted Beshert to mean, “It is meant to be.” In the process of trying to gain a more complete understanding of the complex concepts implied by “meant to be”, I became immersed in the growing discussion and debate about the roles that science and spirituality have in mankind’s efforts to obtain answers to three fundamental questions postulated since before the dawn of recorded history:  1) what is the purpose of this life?, 2) what is my role in this life?, and 3) what comes after this life is over? However, the most important question that made me write this manuscript is: how can you have a predetermined existence and make “free will” decisions at the same time?

What I subsequently learned was that a Besher’t event means that one must seize the moment.


In Book I, Besher’t, will detail several stories and events that I experienced in my life that made me think about the meaning of the word Besher’t. When I started to explain these events to my friends, they said they had similar experiences, but could not explain the duality of the complex question; if things are meant to be, how do I have a say in that predetermination. On the other hand, how does free will have a role in that predetermination?


In Book II, Besher’t tries to explain how the simple phrase “it is meant to be “relates to how scientific theories can be integrated into an overarching explanation of how the macro workings of the infinite world are intertwined with the micro activities of an individual’s activities in the physical world; and how this can be blended with the unseen world of spirituality and theological explanations of the universe.


It is my belief that we can begin to make some progress towards answering these questions only if we recognize that some pathways to the truth are best provided by modern science and other pathways are better understood when we consider a more spiritual approach, coexisting parallel intertwined worlds. Trying to find answers, I turned to Kabbalah. This spiritual approach was full of analogous current scientific explanations of the physical universe we live in. I found out that science and spirituality are not in opposition to one another but complement each other to provide a more revealing explanation to our fundamental questions. We reach roadblocks when science or religion (I will distinguish between religion and spirituality later) become dogmatic or isolated and refuse to accept new discoveries, concepts or ideas that provide reasonable explanations.

When you do the right thing for the right reasons and Seize the Moment, – Besher’t events happen!