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In the process of trying to determine the complex concepts implied by “meant to be”, the author explores how one can have a predetermined existence and make “free will” decisions at the same time.

Seizing the moment at the attosecond of time is when- it is meant to be. The author relates to how scientific theories can be integrated into an overarching explanation of how the macro workings of the infinite universe are intertwined with the micro activities of an individual’s activities in the physical world; and how this can be blended with the unseen world of spirituality of the universe, as coexisting parallel intertwined worlds.

Detailing some of the author’s own Besher’t life experiences, he ultimately concludes that one must recognize the spirituality teachings of Kabbalah and current scientific hypothesis of the Unified Theory to understand this complex question of how does free will have a role in predetermination.

Science and spirituality are not in opposition to one another but complement each other and provide a more revealing explanation to our fundamental questions of “is it meant to be?” or “it is meant to be,”- Besher’t.


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When you do the right thing for the right reasons and Seize the Moment, – Besher’t events happen!