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Winnie S gives the book 5stars!


Predetermination vs free will or Predetermination = free will…..Dr. Fenster stated that “What is the purpose of this life? what is my role in this life? what comes after this live if over?”

an very interesting book to read.
Book1 is about his life experience n others and Book II is more about theory and philosophy, religions, facts, spirituality, science…Dr. Fenster believes ” there is NO COINCIDENCES”. He has created a website: to let people to post their Besher’t experiences. “I = ONE.” What does it mean? you should find out then….!

Winnie S wrote this review Friday, July 31 2009.

Carolyn Scharer
•Thank you for a most intriguing and thought-provoking read – I loved it!

I was blown away by the depth of your thinking in exploring such complex concepts – and by your relentless pursuit of an answer to the paradox of predestination vs. free will.

I found Book I so interesting that I didn’t want to put it down. I found Book II so challenging that I bounced back and forth between being fascinated and being “lost” (trying to grasp some of the concepts presented). However, I plan to take the advice you offer in the preface to Book II. Since I cannot “conclude that the thoughts outlined are hogwash and dismiss Book II,” I’ll accept choice two – “read and re-read” until I feel I understand. (At least, I’ll try.)

I just want you to know it was a really interesting and rewarding reading experience. You should be very proud of your accomplishment.

carolyn scharer

Dr. W. G. Patterson

I particularly like your ideas about parallel universes, and how being able to decipher in great detail the physical universe in no way negates a spiritual universe.
Dr. W. G. Patterson

William R. Kesting
•When Abe Fenster saw his beautiful first wife, Sandy, after her death, she was in a bright light and Abe actually saw her and talked with her. I believe that Abe saw Sandy just as she was again moving to be astride a light wave and thus independent of all dimensions. However, Abe was and still is bounded by dimensions. Hence, Abe is wondering about his purpose in life. I say that Abe Fenster (past, present and future) is his purpose.

If we believe that there is a future and also believe in the goodness of mankind, it seems reasonable to expect that everyone has the ability to envision the future in great detail to benefit mankind. Each of us has the power to move somewhat into the past and the future because we are one with God and when we are no longer bound by dimensions we will be able to see our complete self (body and soul) as God sees us.

Since I know that new knowledge blocks can always be created and we can use them to position ourselves mentally years ahead into the future, it seems reasonable to expect that people can and do have all types of ï¿¿Besherï¿¿t Experiences.ï¿¿

William R. Kesting

Wallace Joslyn

Finally had a quiet time period to finish your book.


My admiration for your mind has just grown from the already high level I had you placed on. This was a monumental undertaking that obviously took many years of re-education, and commitment.

I thank you for making the effort to explain a very complicated, yet simple concept.

Your description of Kaballah in the later pages helped me to understand the connection to the other religions and the “golden rule” way of life.

As a science minded person the tables of the four levels of our understanding of the world around us was the most useful tool to comprehend the direction of thought and tie it all together.

I agree that the training of this level of spirituality must come after science. I now wish I had spent more time on wave theory in P Chem, and fully understood Schrï¿¿ger’s equation and Heisenberg’s matrix theories.

Bottom line is that reading your book has reinforced my belief that there is a connection with our loved ones who have passed into the spiritual world (dimension). Their energy is as I have felt, all around us.

It has also confirmed my belief in the the great philosopher Yogi Bera when he said “when there is a fork in the road take it”. I now can articulate that if the free will to choose the road is from the mind and soul there is a good chance that the path chosen will be a Beshert moment of decision to bring my life into agreement with my destiny, the right path.

Although raised as a Christian, I have aggressively studied other religions and have long ago reached the belief that the common root is the same, and it became corrupted in formalized religions to control the people and gain wealth by a few. Rather a hard statement but one I believe.

Yin and Yang is one of my favorite diagrams to explain man kind to my grand children. The other is Pareto’s principle and the bell shaped curve of our world population. Table 4 will become one of my teaching points as soon as I understand how to fully explain it in simple terms that a high school student can understand. It will be the way I explain why their Grandmother can still communicate with them through pennies on the ground !!!

I will also use the Beshert moment illustrations with them almost immediately, and will seize the moment whenever possible in my personal life.

One editorial comment – I think the book would have been an easier read if you had brought Table 4 into the first few pages along with your introduction of the concept of age old Kaballah being a way of life (not a religion) and a fundamental understanding of the mystery of intertwined dimensions of reality and spirituality long before modern science had their theories of quantum physics. The writers way of Telling them what you are going to say, Tell them, and then Tell them what you told them was used – but Table 4 is in my opinion the visual that puts it into perspective.

P.S – After reading the book last night my Mothers vision came to me in dreams during the night. This has not happened in many years, and was very welcome.

Wallace Joslyn

I have discussed your book with many relatives and friends over the last month. I have told them that I have a new level of comfort in knowing that my departed wife is finding ways to communicate with me. I found myself trying to explain my belief in God and in other dimensions (Heaven) , and using your book to explain some of the concepts. I also found that I had to bring the level of conversation to a non science level as much as possible.

Thought you might be interested in the basic route that the conversations have taken. Rough conversation as follows:

“The strange world that God has created is only partly being understood by humans. Quantum physics is only a scientific tool to help explain it in terms that a non religious person can understand.

Also- the terms I use to explain it to non science relatives and friends are very rudimentary, and not totally based on solid understanding of the science behind it all. So for those that are quantum physics professionals, please forgive me.”

Best regards,

Wallace Joslyn

When you do the right thing for the right reasons and Seize the Moment, – Besher’t events happen!